Monday, June 05, 2006


Something I knew intrinsically, but didn’t KNOW is that films are team efforts. As in, there are already four other people working on the film who are putting their creative energies into making this film, and we haven’t even got actors yet!

Naturally, there is Shaun, who will direct and do some of the camera work. Then there is Anne-Marie, who is married to Shaun, but who is also working with her sister on costumes and set design of the film. Then there is David, who is going to do the rest of the camera work.

Soon, we will have three actors and a crew of students and many friends who will be crew and extras. All of them will be contributing to the film as well.

I realize that I am an intrinsic part of the process because my friends are making this film. This will be fun because I like the vision my friends are applying to the script, and we all seem to communicate well.

This is very different from working on the fiction works, which are always creative acts of solitude. Even my theater experience has taught me that playwrights are extraneous once they have provided the words for the actors/producers/directors to bicker over. It is fun to see my characters come to life, so to speak, but sometimes I don’t recognize them as mine.

I don’t think that will happen this time.



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