Friday, June 30, 2006

Location, location

We need places to shoot the kitchen and living room scenes of "Coffee," but none of our places look (how to put this?) "student-y" enough for the film.

One of our colleagues, however, rents to students and visiting faculty all the time. He let us see a couple of his places, including this one. I think it might be appropriate for the "sitting in the kitchen" scene that opens the movie.

I especially like the trees in the background.

Another plus is that this place is furnished, and furnished appropriately for our purposes. This means that we won't have to scrounge for furniture on top of everything else.

The main drawback is that this place might not be available when we want to shoot (the last weekend of July). He might have other places open at the time. We're just going to stay loose about it.

I also like my friend Emily's kitchen for the scene, but I didn't take pictures of it. It is larger, and more airy, but it may be difficult to shoot in it because of the way that it is laid out. It will certainly do, especially if there aren't better options available. We'll see. It's still on my A list.


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