Sunday, July 16, 2006


David Doelinger, our cameraman, said to me on Tuesday that a film shoot had to have at least one thing go wrong to be considered a "real" film shoot. So, we are now legit.

He made this comment as I was driving him home from our first rehearsal with our actors. Or, what was supposed to be our first rehearsal. It ended up being a run-through with our two female leads, Meghan and Katey, and our poet, Ty. Our leading man, the one with all the lines and the one who needed the rehearsals the most, never showed. After waiting around 45 minutes and calling his place twice, we "volunteered" Ty to read the part of Jeff and we worked with some camera blocking and fine-tuned the acting.

The male actor called me two hours later and explained that he had forgotten the rehearsal and had gone to work instead. I agreed to let him continue in the role if he showed up for our Friday rehearsal (one day before the shoot). This rehearsal was originally conceived to be the run-through with the poet and the actors since this scene has poetry being read behind the dialogue.

The male actor didn't show up for that rehearsal either, although he did give me 1 1/2 hour's notice this time via e-mail. He was not able to take that time off of work. As far as was concerned, that was a good enough excuse for the first missed rehearsal, but it was the last straw for the second. I called the understudy, Nick. His bio is now on the 5 Cup's official blog, also found on the left.

Nick read the part during the female character's audition, and we liked his performance then. However, he wasn't as available as our original choice, and didn't want to commit to a part he might have to back out of. He very graciously agreed to help us out of this situation by coming in at the last minute to step in to the part of Jeff. He wasn't able to come to the Friday rehearsal, either, so I read Jeff's part as we coordinated with Ty, the poet (who is awesome, but more on that later).

Of course, this is ironic because the character Jeff is always late and missing important meetings with Pam and Ashley. I said it once during the first rehearsal, we all chuckled, and then we moved on.

Not to generalize, but...



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