Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Final week of filming

This is going to be a busy week, although we don't have a very firm schedule yet. I think this kind of scheduling would drive more A-type people crazy, but our crew is really mellow and seems to be fine with it.

Today (Tuesday), we are going to look at a couple of different locations for the apartment shoots this weekend. That's right, last weekend of shooting, and we have yet to decide on locations. Funny, huh?

Anyway, we're going to look at two places today, and, I assume, make a decision. We are probably going to rely on friends' and actor's apartments for Pam and Ashley's places. We have such understanding friends and actors!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, we are probably going to shoot something involving the apartments. The day and shooting schedule are tentative, relying on a number of things, but we need some evening footage.

Finally, on Saturday and/or Sunday, we are filming Ashley in her and Pam's apartments.

Boy, this is a loose schedule. It's a good thing I have basically nothing else going on.

Oh, and I bought two plants as candidates for the opening shot of the film. This shot frames the plant in a morning window, and the shot is repeated later in the film.

In a day or so, I'll have a list of things I need to remember for the final shoot, but I haven't even started one yet. I will begin to worry soon, I suppose. Until then I go blithely along.


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