Friday, July 28, 2006

Locations finalized

Katey's place = Ashley's place

We have finalized our locations: Ashley's apartment will be our actor Katey's apartment, and Pam's house is our friend Doug Smith's place. We finalized this the day before we needed to shoot scenes in Ashley's place. (rolls eyes)

Doug's Place = Pam's place

We shot the evening scene at Ashley's apartment on Wednesday.

opening shot on plant in widow

Kerry and David setting up the shot at Ashley's

Shooting on Wednesday went well except that it was wickedly hot in Katey's apartment. Here in Oregon, we can usually count the above-ninety degree days on one hand per summer, but this year it's been warm for a long time. We had to close up the apartment to keep the noise down, and turn on the halogen light, so we were cooking by the time we were done. I felt sorry for Katey who has a curtain of black hair, which I know from experience is hot.

Saturday, we are going to shoot the morning scene at Ashley's and the scene at Pam's place. I am going to miss this shoot because I will be at "Pam's" place setting up the props, etc. with Anne-Marie.

We are nearing the end!


Blogger Shaun Huston said...

Yeah - Weds night was very uncomfortable. I'm sure that holding the halogen was not fun. Hopefully, the effort was worth it.

4:41 PM  

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