Sunday, July 30, 2006

Final shoot

**I have come back to this post to add some details about the shoot 8/29/6**

I will re-edit this with more info about the final day of shooting, but I am tired because I got home at noon after shooting since seven and then spent the rest of the day delivering an alpaca baby (see him at my alpaca blog). I'm pooped.

Here are some pictures of the shoot to amuse you while I'm recovering:

**This is David, Shaun and Katie in the "Pam's" apartment (actually Doug Smith and family's house).

**Kerry, Shaun and Katie in the kitchen of Doug's house. They are setting up the sound for the phone/answering machine scene in Pam's apartment. The kitchen appears very briefly in the film.

**Shaun, David, Kerry and Doug's daughter (whose name I never remember) in the "dirty" apartment. Shaun's wife Anne-Marie (our artistic director) and I made the room messy with 90's era magazines, books and stuff. It was fun.

** One shot of the mess poor Ashley has to pick up in the film. The idea was to make it look like Jeff had been sleeping on the couch without making it screamingly obvious that was what he was doing. I really like the shots of the mess that are included in the film. We even had Doug's family skip doing dishes from the night before so that we could include the dirty dishes in the film. We borrowed Doug's boots, too (lower right corner). They were too perfect.

I was supposed to go to Shaun's after lunch to watch the raw footage from the day, but that was when little Willie (the alpaca) decided to arrive, so I joined Shaun later that week to see the footage and his first rough cut of the whole film. I like watching the film, so I hope that means it will be entertaining for other people. :)

That's all for now.


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