Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rough Cut v2

It's been a while since the final day of shooting...actually, it's been an entire month!

Plenty has happened to the film since then, but most of it has been Shaun's work, not mine. He has put together two rough cuts of the film. Since then. He put the last one in my box two or three weeks ago, and I hadn't looked at it until today. In my own defense, we had a baby alpaca born (2 weeks early) the day of the final shoot who took up a lot of time and TLC. That excuse works for about a week. I also have two online classes that have started in the last few days which required some time to prepare for.

The rest of the time the film was just at the bottom of the pile of things to do.

ANYWAY, I have now viewed the latest rough cut. I must say, it is fun to watch! The film runs about 10:30 as it stands now, which is about what we figured it would run. I love watching it in order, since before we were only watching scenes as we filmed them. The story actually makes sense on film; I was a little afraid that there would be continuity issues. There aren't. Hooray!

Shaun and I disagree on how the opening of the film should be structured, but that's our biggest disagreement (of the whole shoot, actually). At the moment, the film opens with scenes from the film intercut with the titles. I think that interspercing the titles with the opening scene (a long-duration shot of a plant in the window with "morning sounds" in the background) would be better.

Originally, we had thought of using a montage of scenes from the movie that had been interpreted by an artist somehow for the opening/titles. We decided that we were too impatient to do this.

I'm thinking about the opening, and I'm going to make my husband, Charles, watch it to see what he thinks of it.

Shaun is probably right, anyway. :)



Anonymous meghan said...

woooooo! Just had to get that out!

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